Empowering Your Clinical Decision with Artificial Intelligence

Optimize assessment, management and prescribing easily within your busy workflows with AI-driven mental health using PREDICTIX.  

Our PREDICTIX Products

Support Prescribing Decisions Instantly with AI-driven Analysis of Clinical & Demographic Data
Combine DNA Analysis
with our Digital Solution for
Precision Prescribing

 Improvement in
Prescribing Accuracy

Scientific data-driven prediction
Non-invasive and easy-to-use
Go digital for instant results 
Integrate DNA analysis for precision prescribing
Learn with patients for better follow-up

The PREDICTIX mental health platform is an easy-to-use software solution, that harnesses artificial intelligence to help you more quickly assess, manage and prescribe the right treatment, the first time for a wide range of mental health conditions, starting with depression.  


PREDICTIX empowers your prescribing decisions by yielding a personalized patient report that ranks psychiatric drugs by predicted efficacy with the least side effects for each patient. 



Intuitive Software

Make a Confident Prescribing Decision

Help patients recover sooner
Reduce the trial and error process
Personalize treatment plans
Be at the forefront of innovation

Hear What Clinician’s Say

“I have just reviewed a lady who had not responded to 4 antidepressant… After starting the medication recommended after the genetic test 3 weeks ago, she says "I am a different person", & "I feel 80% better in myself"!”

Dr Adil Jawad MBBS; DPM, FRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist


Powering Telemedicine with PREDICTIX Genetics in the UK

PREDICTIX is working with Psychiatry UK (PUK), the UK's leading online psychiatry service, to expand their telehealth service and set a new standard in remote care for treating patients with depression.


Combined with their online video consultations, PUK psychiatrists leverage the PREDICTIX software tool to support psychological assessments and treatment decisions. .