Nov 18 // Initiating the Association of Digital Health Companies in Israel

Taliaz CEO, Dr. Dekel Taliaz heads up initiation meeting of the Association of Digital Health Companies in Israel as its Founder and chairman

November 2018 //

​Attended by more almost 100 companies, the organization brings a new digital health vision - that by combining the sector’s vast experience, knowledge and pool of resources, a new joint digital-health infrastructure will enable the Israeli digital-Health ecosystem to leap forward.


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Disclaimer: Taliaz is developing the PREDICTIX Genetics and PREDICTIX Digital products. PREDICTIX Genetics Antidepressant and PREDICTIX Digital Antidepressant are currently available for commercial use in the EU and Israel. Outside of the EU and Israel, PREDICTIX Genetics & Digital products are currently limited by law for investigational use only.

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